Meals available from £5

  Soup of the Day - Served with Bread and Butter    
  Breaded Garlic Mushrooms - Served with a choice of dips
  Garlic Bread - with of without cheese
  Potato Wedges - served with a choice of dips                           

  Main Courses
  Homemade Macaroni Cheese - served with chips
  Spicy Chilli with Steak mince - served with rice
  Gammon Steak & Egg - served with chips & vegetables
  Homemade Chicken Curry - served with rice
  Homemade Steak Mince or Veg Lasagne - served with chips & salad
  Breaded Scampi - served with chips, salad & coleslaw
  Homemade Steak Pie with a light puff pastry - served with chips & vegetables
  Sweet/Hot Chilli Chicken Breast - served with chips & salad
  Spicy Chicken Wrap - served with salad
  House Salad - served with chips & coleslaw

The American Bad Bay
  Double Beef Burger, Bacon, Relish, Cheese, Onion Rings & Salad all stacked up as One Monster Burger 

  The Mexican
  Beef Burger, Topped with extra Hot Chilli Sauce if you dare. Cheese and accompanied with The Middles famous     Spicy Chips

  Vegetarian Burger topped with cheese
  Topped with cheese

  Famous Middle Pub Burger
  Beef or Chicken burger smothered with Cheese, Sweet Chilli & topped with Bacon

  Plain Beef Burger Meal
  All Burgers are served with Salad & Chips
  Add    Cheese        or        Bacon

  Side Portions 
  Side Salad            Beans            Cheese
  Spicy Chips          Coleslaw        Seasonal Veg
  Onion Rings         Chips

  Kids Menu
  Macaroni Cheese & Peas
  Sausage with Chips & Beans
  Scampi with Chips & Peas/Beans
  Burger & Chips
  Soup & Sandwich

   Snack Menu         
  Baked potatoes          
  Cheese and onion or Cheese savory or Tuna mayo or Coleslaw  
  Special season chicken, tomato and onion
  Mixed Bean or Mince Beef Spicy Chilli

  Various Toasties
  Bacon & Cheese
  Cheese & onion
  Cheese & pickle

  Garlic butter, steak & onion
  Special seasoned chicken, lettuce & tomato
  Haggis & cheese
  Cheese, onion & tomato
  Sweet chilli chicken
  Chicken, cheese & bbq sauce

  Chips & cheese
  Chips & curry sauce
  Soup & toastie
  With our homemade salsa topped with cheese or spicy chilli beef


   A selection of deserts are available please see menu in restaurant.